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  • Eli Tha Barber

Eli Cruz, also known as Eli Tha Barber is 27 years old and currently resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He began his professional career as a licensed barber over three years ago. He truly believes that being a professional barber is his destiny. Eli grew tired of working mediocre jobs and wasn’t sure which path to take. A friend informed him about a barber program at his school and suggested he look into it. Initially, he was apprehensive about it because he had never cut hair before or ever thought about it. He enrolled in the barber program and shortly afterwards he develop a strong passion for the craft. His goals include changing lives through his career by meeting different people and traveling the world exposing his craft to others. He confidently believes that he will be a professional barber for as long as God allows him to. He proudly states “I respect this craft and I thank GOD every day for allowing me to do what I love for a living.”


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